Anonymous asked: Hey! I just read your opinion about mh17 and i completely agree. I don't understand their reaction either. And it makes me so mad, they must do something.. (and about university stress.. me too, so it's not weird i guess) and where are you from? :)


I’m glad you agree!, At least some people have common sense ^^. I’m from Spain.

What’s wrong with the world?

It amazes me how it is possible for a bunch of assassins to blow off a plane full of innocent civil Europeans, and go away with it as if nothing happened.

So what if 189 dutch citizens died for no reason? so what if 9 Britons died as well? why would anyone do anything?. Instead of sending the OTAN, along with armies of all European countries in a “en masse” offensive against this motherfuckers, leaders of the western countries “call each other”, “give their condolences” and “condemn the attack”. Some of them are even collecting signatures (wow..that’s serious stuff). What an example of today’s modern civilized individuals…  and useless idiots too. 

Now, after killing 298 people, the Ukrainian terrorists are blocking the access to investigators, for them to be able to hide and destroy the evidence. and they can do it, and we let them do it.  Unfuckingbelievable. Is this what humanism and progress is about? or is it that we are too coward to mess with the powerful Russia?

Please, someone explain me why after this attack, Europe is so relaxed. Because I’m starting to believe that everyone is on holiday and can’t be bothered.

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Apparently you can’t have problems if you’re not a starving African child.

Apparently you can’t have problems if your parents are still together.

Apparently you can’t have problems if you’re a white girl

or if you’re a heterosexual male

Apparently you can’t have problems if you get good grades.

Apparently you can’t have problems unless someone else justifies them.

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Something we should really think about..

feeling like breaking things.

today was a horrible day. I barely slept two hours due to my insomnia. In the morning my mum gave me a very cool pair of colourful socks she had purchased, but while cutting the package I slid the scissors too much and cut through them. I felt murderous. I went back to the shop to purchase them again. When I arrived home, I unwrapped them carefully and tried them on. they were the wrong size.